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Daniel Koren - Branson Springfield Roofing Company
About Branson/Springfield Roof Company

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Branson/Springfield Roof Co was founded by Daniel Koren, a dedicated roofer with a vision for exceptional roofing in southwest Missouri. With only a couple ads, his brother, and determination, Daniel began to build a name in the roofing industry founded on quality, honesty, and doing things the right way. Daniel had prior experience roofing up north, but his passion for serving southwest Missouri drove him to establish Branson/Springfield Roof Co.

Through the years, the roofing company has grown its team, reputation, and services. In addition to roofing, it specializes in gutter and siding installs and repairs, providing comprehensive solutions for all exterior needs. Branson/Springfield Roof Co believes in installing quality roofing solutions that stand the test of time, built on a foundation of integrity.

Aside from constructing roofs, Branson/Springfield Roof Co also strives to build up its community. The company actively participates in local chambers and supports businesses in the Ozarks, from Harrison, Arkansas to Springfield, Missouri. The employees of Branson/Springfield Roof Co all believe in giving back and making a positive impact on the community they serve.

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Our Motto

We bring the calm after the storm.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Quality
Branson/Springfield Roof Co team

The Branson/Springfield Roof Co Team

Managing Member and Founder of Branson/Springfield Roof Co

Daniel Koren

Founder and Managing Member

Meet Daniel, the dynamic founder of Branson/Springfield Roof Co. His journey in the roofing industry is fueled by a robust passion not only for the craft but also for kindling enthusiasm in everyone around him. Daniel’s drive is complemented by his eagerness to meet new people and address their needs with genuine care. Known among his peers for his endless innovative ideas, Daniel’s leadership is all about helping people learn how to better themselves. His dedication extends beyond business; he’s committed to helping people and improving homes through his years of hands-on experience in roofing.

Cory Meyer

Expert Roof Consultant

Meet Cory, a dedicated company representative at Branson/Springfield Roof Co. Cory is committed to simplifying the roofing process for clients, ensuring they make informed decisions tailored to their needs. His experience with insurance adjusters and a steadfast commitment to serving others make him an invaluable ally in achieving the roof of your dreams. Cory’s presence is marked by a bright smile, brightest still when he’s on his way to his favorite lunch spot, El Lago.

Expert Roof Consultant
Expert Roof Consultant at Branson/Springfield Roof Co

Eddie Wachob

Expert Roof Consultant

Meet Eddie, a foundational member of the Branson/Springfield Roof Co team who consistently strives for excellence in every project. Eddie combines his expertise in both commercial and residential roofing with a collaborative spirit, making sure every client’s needs are met with precision. His keen attention to detail ensures that every job is done impeccably, no matter the challenge. Known for his friendly demeanor, Eddie is a trusted friend to everyone he encounters. Don’t forget to share your best joke with him—he loves to laugh!

Jonathan Gibbany

Repair Technician

Meet Jonathan, the skilled repair technician of our team at Branson/Springfield Roof Co. His broad experience in residential roof repairs ensures that he can fix anything thrown his way, and he is not satisfied with a repair until the job is done right. Not only is he skilled, but his easygoing nature and ability to make people feel appreciated makes him a friend to all who come across his path. Apart from roofing, he also loves to dance.

Expert Repair Technician

Nathaniel Koren

Production Manager

Meet Nathaniel, a vital part of the roofing process as the production manager. With many years at Branson/Springfield Roof Co, Nathaniel has experience in every step of a roof installation. The team counts on Nathaniel to order materials and manage the schedule. Known for his excellent work ethic and problem-solving skills, Nathaniel is as reliable in the office as he is on a roof. Some of Nathaniel’s biggest contributions to the roofing company are his corny dad jokes.

Kayla Medrano

Customer Success Manager
Meet Kayla, a team player at Branson/Springfield Roof Co who masterfully handles everything from crew communications to managing customer expectations. With over thirteen years in the roofing industry, her extensive knowledge and experience ensure that every phase of the roofing process is seamless. Kayla’s professionalism and helpfulness are matched by a joyful personality that lights up the workplace, making her an invaluable asset to both the team and the customers she serves.
Kayla - Branson Roof Co - Admin
Job Site Representative

Ryan Gath

Job Site Company Rep

Meet Ryan, the dedicated job site representative for Branson/Springfield Roof Co. Ryan plays a crucial role in being the boots on the ground at every roofing project. Ryan communicates with homeowners, ensuring their needs and concerns are addressed. Throughout the project, Ryan keeps neighbors informed and maintains a clean and safe site, exemplifying commitment and professionalism every step of the way. Ryan grew up in Ireland, but we like to say we brought him over just to work for us.

Steven Branstetter

Material Manager

Meet Steven, the diligent material manager at Branson/Springfield Roof Co. Steven ensures that every job runs smoothly by overseeing the timely procurement and delivery of materials. Steven’s role extends beyond logistics; he maintains a hands-on presence at job sites, networking with neighbors and ensuring sites are clean and well-maintained. His thoroughness in customer service and managing materials exemplifies his integral role in keeping the company’s operations seamless.

Marketing Manager

Esther Beggs

Marketing Manager/Office Manager

Meet Esther, the marketing manager at Branson/Springfield Roof Co. Esther handles the company’s online presence, brand awareness, advertisements, and social media. Beyond marketing, she orchestrates networking opportunities, manages the company calendar, and coordinates events. Esther also doubles as the office manager, skillfully communicating with customers and answering calls. Her multifaceted role ensures that Branson/Springfield Roof Co maintains a vibrant and effective connection with both potential and existing clients, enhancing the company’s market presence and community engagement.

Kelly Anstaett

Claims Specialist/Accounts Receivable

Meet Kelly, the meticulous claims specialist and accounts receivable manager at Branson/Springfield Roof Co. With a background as a teacher, Kelly brings patience and clear instructional skills to her role, making complex insurance claims understandable for customers. She expertly keeps in contact with insurance adjusters to keep excellent communication about roofing jobs. Additionally, Kelly handles customer invoicing, ensuring a seamless financial process.

Supplement Expert